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The following is a brief outline of a Player's responsibilities regarding Yellow and Red Cards.

Yellow Cards.

If a total of 5 Yellow Cards are issued to a player in a season, that player's ID Card must be surrendered to the Club Secretary and an automatic 1 game suspension must be served.

If a further 3 Yellow Cards are issued in a season that player's ID Card must be surrendered to the Club Secretary and a further automatic 2 games suspension must be served.

Red Cards.

If a player is shown a Red Card during a match he/she will be dismissed and must leave the field.

The ID Card must be surrendered to the Referee on the day or delivered to the SSJSFA at Bates Drive (Harrie Dening Complex), before 3:00 pm on the following Friday.

Failure to do so results in a penalty of $25 and suspension doesn't start until the Association has the ID Card.

If the player plays before the matter is dealt with (or before any penalty is served), the match (or matches) may be forfeited to the opposing team(s).

The Referee does not have to ask for the ID Card, it is in the player's interest to give it to him. He will deliver it to SSJSFA where it is held until the appropriate penalty is served.

If 2 Yellow Cards were shown before the Red Card, an automatic 1 game suspension normally applies.

Theplayer's ID Card must still be surrendered, but the player does not have to appear before the Judiciary.

If a straight Red Card is shown or a Red following a single Yellow Card, the player must surrender their ID Card and appear before the Judiciary at the Harrie Dening Complex the following Monday night.

If in doubt, ask the Referee (politely) after the game.

Notify the Players Representative before the Monday and he/she will represent the player at Judiciary. If he/she doesn't know, he/she doesn't go. It is important that the player appear at Judiciary. If the player does not appear, the case may be heard without the player (and the sentence will probably be a week longer), or the player may be suspended until the player appears.

For both Yellow and Red Card offences, the ID Card is delivered to SSJSFA, and is held there until the penalty has been served, after which it must be signed for by a Club representative before being returned to the player.

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