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Competition Rule Changes 

For full rule, please see rule book

Temporary Dismissals 

SSFRA are trialling a new system similar to a Sin Bin for Dessent. on Sunday Games only

  • Sin bin concept for dissent to refs
  • players are sent off for 10 minutes – yellow card shown
  • Sunday teams only (incl W18, etc)
  • If you are in Sunday competition and playing Friday night – concept applies
  • If sent off for 10 minutes, player must sit in Technical area
  • Can receive a 2nd yellow = red if hurling dissent while sitting in technical area
  • Dissent can still be punished with a straight red
  • Other bookable offences (e.g. rough play) = normal yellow, no sin bin
  • Player must request to come back on
  • Referee has final say for player to come back on
  • Ball must be out – so if stays in play for a time period after the 10 mins is up, player cant come back on
  • Offences include crowding a referee – when more than 2 players gather around a ref, 3rd player and each after will get sin binned
  • If the number of players on the field droip to below 7, the game will terminated with the offending team losing on forfeight
Officials Cautions and Send Offs - a new system for coaches & managers poor behaviour in 2018. Some points to note:
  • Yellow and red cards can be handed out to coaches and managers
  • Applies to all competition matches (12's and up – regardless of day)
  • Ask, tell, remove still applies
  • If red card shown – they must leave the "technical area" and referee must submit a report naming the coach / manager on the match sheet
  • Fines (TBC) apply if no names listed on match sheet and a send off occurs

Please support our club Sponsors.

All sponsors are important to the running of Kirrawee Kangaroos Football Club. 

Sponsors enable us to offset costs which players would otherwise have to pay. Without sponsors, registration fees would have to be increased and more fund raising carried out, putting pressure on players and families.
It is important that we support our sponsors so they can continue to support us.
If you do business with any of our sponsors, let them know you are from Kirrawee Kangaroos.

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