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MiniRoo Games

Round 8 - 26 May

8:00 06C K5-A Luke
8:00 06I K5-B Riley
9:40 07C K5-A Jake G
8:50 07F K5-A Cooper
8:50 07J K5-B Flynn
8:00 08F K4-A Holly
8:50 10C K4-A Ethan
9:40 W07D K5-B Chloe
8:00 W08C K4-B Max
8:50 W11A K4-B Kirk

Please send SMS to 0402307574 to confirm you have seen your allocation.

If there is a problem, please contact Kelly on 0405273894 ASAP. (Note Change of number)

You can download the rules from:


Canteen Duties

Please support our club Sponsors.

All sponsors are important to the running of Kirrawee Kangaroos Football Club. 

Sponsors enable us to offset costs which players would otherwise have to pay. Without sponsors, registration fees would have to be increased and more fund raising carried out, putting pressure on players and families.
It is important that we support our sponsors so they can continue to support us.
If you do business with any of our sponsors, let them know you are from Kirrawee Kangaroos.

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